QUESTIONS:                                              EMERGENCIES

 USE THE                                                            ONLY           

  COVID-19                                                           9-1-1            





STAY AT HOME as much as possible but get fresh air in your yard, play with your family or pets. It’s not just about                                       keeping you well but keeping carriers from spreading it to others.

ISOLATE IF YOU ARE SICK Only leave your home if instructed by your Health care provider.

SOCIAL DISTANCE Stand away from others (6 feet) when in public places. Avoid gatherings of people in lines or on                                       sidewalks.

GOOD HYGIENE *WASH YOUR HANDS!* Wash with soap and water for 20 seconds (DO THIS OFTEN!). Avoid                                              touching your face, use tissues, cover sneezes and coughs. Clean all touched areas frequently with                                 disinfectants.

CDC RECOMMENDATION Wear a mask whenever going into public areas.

  • WHO TO CALL (Remain at HOME and CALL your DOCTOR FIRST!)

CALL YOU HEALTHCARE PROVIDER If you develop symptoms: fever, fatigue, or cough.*Follow the directions the                                                                          professionals give you*

CALL  NYS COVID-19 HOTLINE 888-364-3065 For questions about symptoms and testing.

CALL 9-1-1 FOR SEVERE EMERGENCIES Such as: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath



The HBVAC is a volunteer EMS department in Hampton Bays, New York, serving the residents and visitors of the Hampton Bays community with pre-hospital emergency care. We respond to about 1,600 emergencies annually.

The HBVAC is Looking for You - Volunteer With Us

We have immediate openings for volunteer EMTs and Paramedics — junior members, too. No prior experience or training required.

Not just a volunteer opportunity — a new family.